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By providing financial solutions and training, we empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.

Opportunity International
550 W. Van Buren, Suite 200,
Chicago, Illinois, 60607



We serve hardworking, inspiring entrepreneurs in 22 countries around the world. These are women and men with ambitious dreams for their futures who simply need an opportunity to thrive. We provide these entrepreneurs with access to loans, savings, insurance and training – tools that empower them to work their way out of poverty. This is a hand up, not a handout. We believe that together, we can end extreme poverty. As a community of supporters, clients and staff, we're making huge strides to end global poverty. But we can't get there without you. Invest in Opportunity today, and you’ll empower an entrepreneur to change her life, her family and her community. With your support, we will reach millions more people – and they will change the world.


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Chief Executive Officer, U.S.


Atul Tandon, an Indian American, comes to Opportunity with a background marked by building, scaling and turning around some of the world’s best-known for profit and nonprofit enterprises. Over a 35-year career, his work has impacted financial services and consumer banking, the social sector, nonprofit management and governance, the digital economy and marketing.

Prior to joining Opportunity International, Atul founded and served as CEO of the Tandon Institute, which provides strategy, solutions and staffing to enable social sector enterprises to rapidly accelerate their impact, revenues, public engagement and organizational capacity.

Prior to that, Atul served as the leader of United Way Worldwide’s 41-country International Network, helping shape and form the world’s largest network of community-based charities. He also wore a twin hat as United Way’s Executive Vice President of Investor Relations. In this role, he oversaw the organization’s worldwide donor engagement and fundraising functions, including the United States.

Responding to God’s call to serve the poor in 2000, Atul joined World Vision United Sates as Senior Vice President of Donor Engagement for World Vision United States. He served on World Vision’s executive team for nine years and led the organization through a period of unprecedented expansion, tripling revenues over his tenure. In addition to his U.S. responsibilities, he led World Vision’s global initiatives to expand its fundraising in 25 countries. He also served on the board of VisionFund International, World Vision’s microfinance network.

Prior to his leadership roles in the non-profit sector, Atul had a successful career in the global financial services industry. He helped launch Citibank’s consumer banking franchise in India, introducing services such as ATMs, credit cards, mortgages, consumer loans and remote banking for the first time in the region. Citi brought him to the U.S. in 1992, where he led the turnaround of its bank in California/West, then pioneered customer-centered relationship banking, and went on to serve as Global Branch Distribution for Citi’s worldwide operations. During his tenure, the bank grew its global consumer networks to more than 146 million accounts with $5.3 billion in income with a presence in 101 countries. Atul began his career in India, where he launched a financial services start-up, introducing innovative financial leasing to Indian capital markets.

Atul earned a master of business administration and a bachelor of commerce with honors from the University of Delhi. He holds a certificate in governance from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

He is a board member for several organizations, including the Christian Leadership Alliance, the largest association of faith-based organizations and churches in the U.S, and Mission Aviation Fellowship, the largest provider of rural and remote access air services to international NGOs. He has taught at both University of Washington's School of Business and University of San Francisco’s McLaren School of Business. In addition, he is recognized as a thought leader in the nonprofit industry, being frequently quoted and published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Huffington Post, Non-Profit Times and other leading media outlets.

Board of Directors

  • Alana Aldag Ackerson

  • Katéy Assem

  • Jeff Germanotta

  • Susan Gillette

  • John Hart

  • Joel Johnson

  • Barbara Lupient

  • Martha "Muffy" MacMillan

  • Jane Nelson

  • LeAnn Pope

  • John Reynolds

  • Atul Tandon

  • David M. Tolmie, Board Chair

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