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Fuel Relief Fund’s global strategy is to invite and encourage the contributions of members within the fuel, transportation and emergency services industries. In collaboration with industry leaders, Fuel relief Fund can provide fuel solutions to areas critically affected.
 Utilizing and growing our supplier fuel member infrastructure is critical to the success of providing emergency fuel in a major disaster.



Fuel saves lives. Immediately following a major disaster, fuel is needed within the first minutes to allow first responders and aid agencies to perform critical life-saving functions in the midst of the chaos. As water, shelter, and food, fuel are all crucial to surviving a disaster - fuel is needed during all phases of the disaster to access people in need, provide relief and assist in recovery. Fuel is used to provide emergency medical services and shelter, to deliver food and clean water, as well as to heat camps, power equipment and ensure light source. Fuel Relief Fund exists to fill the crucial gap in fuel supply during the initial phases of the disaster, during which the most urgent life-saving efforts take place. During this time, our focus is to assist affected communities and relief agencies in saving lives and alleviating suffering.

Nothing happens without fuel. First responders need fuel for their vehicles. Hospital generators need fuel to operate around the clock. Without fuel, municipalities can’t sanitize the water. People don’t have heat or power to stay warm in shelters.

When disaster strikes, Fuel Relief Fund (FRF) is a first responder, identifying fuel needs and delivering it to people affected by the disaster and the relief agencies that serve them. FRF has provided hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel, powering the efforts of nearly 200 aid agencies around the world, including the Red Cross, United Nations OCHA, the World Food Programme, Doctors without Borders and many others. As the only non-governmental organization in the world focused solely on solving fuel crises in disaster situations, these organizations rely on us to help save lives whenever disaster strikes.



Providing fuel resources to those affected by natural disasters or other conditions where fuel in necessary for survival

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