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The mission of Bondi Ministries is to direct people to God in a way that inspires and exhorts all to persevere in a life-long, personal journey of faith.

Bondi Ministries
P.O. BOX 759
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693



For more than 20 years, Renée Bondi and the Bondi Ministries team have traveled throughout the United States reminding audiences of two powerful truths – God is real and God is faithful. In 2002, Bondi Ministries was formed as a self-sufficient entity focused on bringing God’s message of hope to people experiencing pain and hardship.

Today, Bondi provides: 

  • Presentations for conferences, retreats, church-wide events

  • Presentations in schools, prisons, shelters

  • One-on-one peer counseling

  • Distribution of bibles & counseling support materials

  • 100% of concert honorariums & donations go directly to the ministry. Neither Renée nor her husband receives compensation for their time or efforts.


Renée Bondi

At age 29, Renée Bondi was engaged to be married and had a beautiful singing voice, a thriving career as a music teacher, and a loving family. But then one night a bizarre accident shattered her spine and left her quadriplegic. Her life changed forever. Renée lost not only all use of her hands and legs, but also her singing voice — she could barely speak above a whisper. Unwilling to accept that her life was over, Renée searched her heart and sought the Lord for direction. Although there were many dark days, Renée continued to persevere.

Against all odds and all physicians prognosis, Renée’s voice was miraculously restored with a crystal clear, angelic sound. Renée harnessed her talents to inspire and give hope to others.     

An incredibly gifted Christian singer before her accident, Renée has augmented her gifts to include a dynamic speaking ability that grabs her audiences. Whether performing a powerful concert or sharing her profound and victorious story that includes paralysis and a life confined to a wheelchair, those who hear Renée are uplifted and mesmerized by her angelic voice, music and messages. Most importantly, all who hear Renée are encouraged to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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