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Custom-designed Redevelopment

Focusing the spotlight on people left behind after natural disasters and human crises, and reviving affected communities through custom-tailored, locally-operated redevelopment programs.

Aid Still Required
P.O. Box 7353
Santa Monica, CA 90406



What happens in the wake of a disaster after the cameras leave and the emergency aid dollars dry up?

Most disaster relief funding goes to immediate relief, but recovery from major tragedies may take a decade or longer.

Aid Still Required's two-pronged “second responder” approach refocuses the spotlight on regions left behind after natural disasters and human crises.

  • ASR's expansive outreach campaigns return public awareness to forgotten issues.

  • ASR field programs foster self-reliance in the most neglected communities.

“Just because it left the headlines doesn’t mean it left the planet.”

In the first few days and weeks after a natural disaster or human crisis, the world reaches out to supply emergency medical services, food, water and shelter needed to save lives. But what happens when the media coverage fades and global attention drifts to other matters? What happens in particular to those communities that were already impoverished before the disaster and are now left behind in the recovery? As a global community, we may have saved lives… but have we created a new future?

Aid Still Required (ASR) shines the spotlight on these forgotten areas through extensive outreach campaigns and by creating innovative, custom-tailored field programs to engender dignity and self-sufficiency.

With the participation of world-renowned actors, musicians and athletes, ASR awareness campaigns have brought the stories of survivors in Haiti, Darfur, New Orleans and the region struck by the 2004 tsunami to more than 600 million people worldwide.

On the ground, in shantytowns and remote rural villages, Aid Still Required provides programs such as trauma relief for sexual assault survivors, enrichment curricula for at-risk kids, handicraft and small business training for women under Sharia Law, marine restoration to ravaged coasts, and agroforestry for farmers with depleted lands.

As a result, survivors in the hardest hit communities are given the tools to determine their own futures.


100% of Your Donation Goes Straight to Programs



Andrea Herz Payne | Founder, Chairman of the Board

Two decades of administrative, management and performing arts experience preceded Andrea’s co-founding Aid Still Required. Integrating her passions for humanity and social justice, Andrea utilizes her multi-faceted background to oversee operations and expand the reach of the organization, as well as guiding ASR partnerships in the field.

As a recipient of The Southern California United Nation Association’s Women of the World Award and as a panelist at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative, Andrea brings ASRʼs focus on longterm recovery to the forefront of the discussion on disaster relief

Hunter Payne | Founder, President and CEO

As Vice President of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors with 34 years in finance and investment, and with a background in music, television and non-profit administration, Hunter has spearheaded the organization’s role in refocusing the world’s attention on survivors of environmental disasters and human crises.

Hunter creates and administers expansive global awareness campaigns to bring attention to forgotten issues and designs and administers field programs to engender self-sufficiency for affected communities.

Board of Directors

Maureen A. Charles

Writer • Editor • Instructional Designer
Aid Still Required Board Treasurer

As an educator and leadership trainer, Maureen brings a breadth of experience in creating innovative approaches to consensus building and project implementation to Aid Still Required. Maureen is a structural designer, has co-authored and/or produced School Bullying: Tools for Avoiding Harm and Liability and The Early Faces of Violence: From Schoolyard Bullying and Ridicule to Sexual Harassment, and has led programs at Landmark Education for 30 years.

Dorothy K. Breininger

Founder • “DorothyTheOrganizer”

An organizational specialist, speaker, producer and entrepreneur, Dorothy delivers a broad range of management skills to Aid Still Required. Dorothy serves as CEO for The Delphi Center for Organization, Los Angeles; Co-Owner of Delphi Digital Inc; and is a producer and host of A&E’s Hoarders. Additionally, Dorothy co-authored Time Efficiency Makeover, Life Lessons for Busy Moms and the documentary Save Our Parents.

Debra Halperin Poneman

Founder and President, Yes to Success, Inc
Aid Still Required Board Secretary

A leader in the transformational movement, Debra brings to Aid Still Required her passionate commitment to help people change their lives. She is Founder and President of Yes to Success, Inc; the creator of New Transformation Strategies; a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and The Art of Living; and the author of Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul and What, No Meat!: What to do When Your Kid Becomes a Vegetarian.

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